Code: 12339


H: 28cm (11")


We are so very pleased to present a new mini-series of bear
cubs within our general plush collection this year, each
little character represents our “cuddle trained cubs” at both
our bear and cub houses globally. Charlie was very keen to
include these this year to say a huge heartfelt thank you to all
of them for their constant dedication, loyalty and support.
They are all truly amazing as many of our collectors will know
who have ever contacted the bear cubs at our bear houses.
There are 3 special little bears in this mini-series Lanson
(as that is how it is known locally) which represents all our
cubs who work at our Cornish Bearhouse here in the UK in
Launceston. Woodend after the town in Victoria where our
Australian Cubhouse is situated and Boynton where our new
USA Cubhouse is based. Boynton has been created in super
snuggly dense plush in soft greys and warm pink coloured
tones. She is fully jointed and of course has our signature
“who me?” look. She has softly sculptured paw detailing and
the cutest of handstitched noses. A small collar has been added
as her accessory. Boynton has been created using synthetic
plush fabrics, he has been fully tested to meet all relevant
toy safety standards in the USA, Europe and Australia and is
recommended for collectors aged 3 years and above.