Code: 12369


H: 53cm (20.9")


Joanne is a very special bear cub within the collection and
is named after one of Charlie and Wills best friends. Joanne
often visits the bear house with her now CB famous husband
Johnny B who is our official photographer at Charlie Bears.
For any collector who has introduced either Caroline or
Karen from the 2018 collection this bear sits beautifully
with either or both of these characters. Joanne has a magical
appearance made from the extra-long misty grey fabric she
wears and with her oversized floppy sheer organza bow and
sweetheart pendant necklace she truly is a bear to fall madly
in love with. Joanne is packed with all of Charlie’s favourite
qualities including sculptured paw pads, signature “who
me?” look and newly designed nose. Joanne has been created
using synthetic plush fabrics, she has been fully tested to
meet all relevant toy safety standards in the USA, Europe and
Australia and are recommended for collectors aged 3 years
and above.