006142 Xenia Mouse with Teddy Bear

006142 Xenia Mouse with Teddy Bear

Code: 12959


H: 11cm (4.3")


Everyone needs a furry friend: this year, Xenia mouse is the latest addition to the series of Steiff mice with Teddy bears. The enchanting red Teddy bear can be traced back to a special character from 1908 that was never actually part of the official Steiff range. The red sample bear became the lifelong companion and best friend to a Russian Princess, named Xenia. In 1989 the bear became the first antique Teddy bear to set a world record at auction. Xenia wears wool plush, a crocheted lace collar and a sassy satin rose on her head, and holds her little mohair Teddy bear friend tightly in her paws.