Code: 11579     Dimensions:H 47cm (18.5")


Atiqah is the most perfect name for this beautiful bear and its
meaning is ”A beautiful girl inside and out, she likes to extend
a helping hand to those in need without expecting anything
in return.” Charlie is fascinated with name meanings as you
all know and picked this name specifically for this little bear
as she said it was perfect. Like her other bear friends, Atiqah
is fully jointed and has been created in various soft plush
materials. Her colourings range from gentle browns to soft
creams and an animal print styled plush. She has oversized
chunky paws, a round soft filled tummy and a hand trimmed
sculptured face. We have given her a gentle expression and a
full hand embroidered nose. She has a small necklace with a
“key to your heart” pendant. I am sure many collectors like
Charlie will adore this new little bear cub.

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