Code: 11560

Dimensions:H: 29cm (11.4")


Friendships are so important and we all have special people
in our lives that we adore being close to and Charlie likes our
little bears to have this as well. Audrey and Ayla are one of
these bear friends sets and have been designed at the same time
using the same fabric in different colourways. Both are fully
jointed and have small tickly toe details on their sculptured
paw pads. The fabric used is tight, curled and almost wool
like to the touch which was perfect for these two tiny best
friends. Small deep set eyes have been added and their little
facial features have been delicately embroidered with brown
thread. They both have small, handmade necklaces with a
“Key to your heart” pendant. Ayla, so you don’t mistake who
is who here has a coat in a traditional teddy bear brown and
Audrey’s coat is antique red.

If you like this bear then have a look at their bear sister Audrey.

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