Code: 11481

Dimensions:H: 37cm (14.6")


A new edition to the Charlie Bears Family our first ever
Peacock!! Part of the brand new 2017 Bearhouse collection.
The introduction of some new feathered friends is a new
exciting direction for this popular collection. This is
something Charlie has wanted to create for a while now after
her many visits to zoos throughout the world where she is
always fascinated by the many varieties of birds that she has
seen. Columbo, our resident Peacock, has been created using
several different coloured plushes in of course peacock blue,
pea shoot green and tree bark browns. Again designed to sit
beautifully in a variety of places from bookshelf ’s to bedside
tables and would look fantastic in any children’s playroom.
He is a rather large and what Charlie describes as a second
glance piece as you would be forgiven for believing he is real.

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