Code: 11657

Dimensions:H: 37cm (14.6")


A new edition to the Charlie Bears Family our first ever
Pelican!! This is something Charlie has wanted to create for
a while now after her many visits to zoos throughout the
world where she is always fascinated by the many varieties
of birds that she has seen there. Brightly coloured and full
of character which are guaranteed to make anyone smile, the
oversized characters really do stand out and are beautiful to
hold. The weight within them allows them to be displayed in
various places and the oversized dangly styled legs help with
the balance. Each one is ready for their own adventure and
they look amazing whether displayed together in a set or just
on their own. Dallas’ colours are a blend of whites with black
tipped wings and a mixture of sunshine yellow and sunset
orange for his oversized beak.

Charlie bear bags are available to add to your purchase.

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