Dec The Halls

Code: 11630     Dimensions:H 17cm (6.7")


Dec is one of the interior designers at the North Pole who
works very closely with Fairylights, their main responsibilities
are to ensure that the North Pole always looks magical which,
as I am sure you can imagine is not as easy as it first sounds.
There are millions of fairy lights to display, all the Christmas
trees, the houses and let’s not forget the workshops that they
have to decorate. Maintenance is also a large part of Dec’s jobs
as in between decorating he also knows he has to constantly
check the bulbs and strings of lights to make sure that they
are always looking their best. Dec (as he is fondly known here
at Charlie Bears) has been created using a blend of Mohair
and Alpaca in pinecone browns and his accessory? Yes you
have guessed it a string of brightly coloured tree lights!

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Provided with own embroidered drawstring bag.

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Dec The Halls