Dicky Bear replica 1930 403309

Dicky Bear replica 1930 403309

Code: 11815


H: 25cm (9.8")


Dicky bear replica 1930
with squeaker 
made of finest mohair 
5-way jointed, head and arms are loosely attached to the body 
surface washable 
with glass eyes 
limited edition of 930 pieces 
stuffed with wood shavings 
with "underscored button" made of patinated steel 
25 cm, item no. 403309
Teddy Baby Dicky was a star between 1930 and 1937. People just loved his colourful paw pads and his ever-smiling face. Several replicas have already been made of this very special bear, the first issued in 1985, with further variants following in 1992. This year sees 1930s Dicky making a reappearance – wholly authentic, lovingly recreated based on a historic pattern. As well as two-tone paw pads, he has elaborate airbrush shadowing all over his body and a squeaker. Just look at his friendly face and maybe you will find room in your collection for this revisited classic.