Code: 11613

Dimensions:H: 17cm (6.7")


Gnomes, are fun, friendly little characters and are tasked
apparently with protecting the community they live in but
they are mischievous and do like to cause mayhem wherever
possible. The first of our Gnomes and made from a blend of
both Alpaca and Mohair, this cheeky little character adorns
a mushroom shaped, red rosehip coloured hat, a woodland
green tunic and small hessian boots covers. His long whispy
eyebrows and beard show him as an elder whose main job
is keeping the other Gnomes in check. This can prove quite
tricky but Fraggle is more than capable as he knows every
trick in the book (having already been there himself!!). The
others look up to Fraggle and always go to him for guidance.
He is a great storyteller and can often be found every evening
around their small fire just before bedtime telling everyone
stories about his past adventures.

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Provided with own embroidered drawstring bag.

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