Code: 11556     Dimensions:H 83cm (32.7")


Hugsley is big, bold and most certainly beautiful! You can
usually find him snoring away in his favourite chair at home,
‘Hugsley Manor’ in the gallery at the Bearhouse in the UK.
He has been created in a charcoal grey super soft plush. He
is loosely jointed to give him a floppy feel which is perfect
if like Charlie you adore comfort cuddles whilst watching
TV on the sofa using the larger bears like a cushion! His
oversized paws have plush paw pads too! In a gentle bear
brown, his sculptured head has deep set eyes and a chunky
hand embroidered nose. A wide width large floppy ribbon
has been used to finish his look.

If you like this bear then have a look at their bear family Ian and Ursula.

Charlie bears Bags are available to add to your order.

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