Code: 11593


H: 46cm (18.1")


We have a very special bear cub who works here at Charlie
Bears in our Cubhouse in Australia that has been with us for
pretty much since we started Charlie Bears and Charlie has
been desperate to find the perfect bear that we could create
to honour Kerri with. Charlie has always known it would
be a Panda. Kerri, she has a gorgeous gentle look about her
and is created using a combination of mid pile and long pile
plushes in soft white, grey tipped fabric and random arm and
leg fabric in a range of greys meaning no two are the same
and each one is unique much like her namesake. Her soulful
look is achieved with the subtle addition of eye whites and
her sculptured paw pads have tickly toe detail. Her nose has
been over stitched with a silver thread to add some sparkle
to this important character and a crisp white sheer ribbon as
her accessory.

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