Love Teddy Bear 006470

Love Teddy Bear 006470

Code: 11998


H: 25cm (9.8")


Love Teddy bear
made of finest mohair 
5-way jointed 
surface washable 
limited edition of 1,000 pieces 
with crystal "Button in Ear" 
25 cm, item no. 006470, MQ 1 pcs
An invitation to fall in love – number one. With a coat of finest silver mohair, the larger of the two Love Teddy bears with a crystal “Button in Ear” would like to be the crowning jewel in your Steiff collection. He bears a gift of a velvet collar with Swarovski crystals, which he loans to his friends occasionally. This means that you can wear it on your arm all evening and your bear will never be far from your thoughts …