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Dimensions:H: 47cm (18.5")

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As Charlie always states panda’s here at Charlie Bears don’t
always have to be just black and white and Olien here as
you can see is far from being traditional in colour. Olien has
been created using soft muted antique colours of creams and
blue and powder blue embroidery thread has been used to
create her hand stitched nose. She has fully sculptured paw
pads with additional toe stitching and has been softly filled to
give her a perfect weight. We have introduced blue teardrop
markings to enhance her glossy eyes and added a tonal sheer
ribbon to finish her look. For our collectors who love our
unusual coloured pandas we also have Alison who features on
page 32 of our catalogue “In a land far far away”.

If you like this bear then have a look at their bear family Alison.

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