Code: 11624     Dimensions:H 19cm (7.5")


What they lack in size they more than make up for with
Heart! Made from a blend of both Alpaca and mohair our
second character in our jungle cub’s series is Roary. This
valiant little character could be described as the leader in this
pack. He is always there keeping a watchful eye over the other
characters as they all get up to mischief. His coat has been
created using dense traditional golden colours with hints of
soft whites to show he is still very much a cub. Inspired by a
previous design called Braveheart which was a Best Friends
Club Member’s piece, he would sit beautifully alongside him
too if like me, as a collector you would just like to create your
own family hug groups. A small bootlace necklace has been
used as his accessory with a key as his finishing touch. Like
with Charlie I am sure this little one will hold the key to your
heart too.

If you like this bear then you should also check out their bear family Panthea and Tigerlilly.

Provided with own embroidered drawstring bag.

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