Code: 11626     Dimensions:H 18cm (7.1")


Now, if you are one of our Best Friends Club Members you
will have already have met Sugar Mouse (which was the first
character we designed for the wintery tales miniseries) and
you will notice the close family resemblance to Teacup. Both
Sugar Mouse and Teacup work here at the North Pole and are
in charge of catering. They work very closely with Mrs Claus
to create all the usual festive treats that everyone enjoys and
make sure that there is always piping hot food on the tables in
the dining room from daybreak to dusk. Teacup also makes
regular tea rounds during the morning and afternoon breaks
and is responsible for the chocolate vending machines in the
snoozey rooms where elves sometimes go to rest their paws
and have small naps. Made from 100% light sky grey and
snowdrift white mohair her accessories (or uniform) are a hat
and scarf designed by Mrs Claus in warm fruit tea colours.

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Provided with own embroidered drawstring bag.

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