Code: 11614

Dimensions:H: 17cm (6.7")


So Cornwall, famous for our Cornish Pixies and Gnomes!
Gnomes, are fun, friendly little characters and are tasked
apparently with protecting the community they live in but
they are mischievous and do like to cause mayhem wherever
possible. The third and youngest member of our gnomes set
is made from a blend of both Alpaca and Mohair. This giddy
little character can be quite a handful and spends most of his
day with Gump teasing and being playful with the visiting
tourists. He also loves gardening and keeping the countryside
around him in order. He adores flowers and is frequently seen
in his most favourite place amongst the bluebell patches near
the stream, deep within the woodland close to where he lives.
He wears a berry red tunic, muddy puddle brown boots and
a woodland green hat which he has decorated.

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Midsomer, Pod.

Provided with own embroidered drawstring bag.

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