Vintage Memories Rick Rabbit in Gift Box 026843

Vintage Memories Rick Rabbit in Gift Box 026843

Code: 12197


H: 16cm (6.3")


Vintage Memories Rick rabbit in giftbox
made of finest mohair 
light grey 
5-way jointed, head and limbs are loosely attached to the body 
surface washable 
16 cm, item no. 026843
Vintage Memories Rick, the 16 cm tall rabbit made of the finest mohair, is a beloved collector's item. He emanates a wonderful warmth thanks to his warm colour tones, with light grey on his body, beige paws and light pink inner ears. Shaded eyes and a nose embroidered in antique pink give the perfect final touch to his look. The trouser suit features silver trousers and colourful braces and is sewn in place. He sits in place easily thanks to pouches of steel beads sewn into his bottom. The lovingly crafted gift box is a perfect match. It is made of the finest cardboard with a classy and slightly reflective design. The base and cover are made of metal. The inside is covered in tissue paper.