Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What does 'Preorder Only' mean?

A) If a bear is available for preorder it means that we have a confirmed order with the supplier but the actual stock has not yet arrived in store.  We cannot quote a timescale for delivery as some suppliers can take as long as 12 months to manufacture certain bears.  If you preorder your bear with us, this will guarantee that you receive the bear.  We would ask if you manage to purchase the bear elsewhere, before it arrives with us, that you let us know so that we can offer it to someone else.

Q) Do you require a deposit on preorders?

A) This varies depending on the type of bear.  If the bear is a limited edition, we require 10% of the price as a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit.  For bears which are not limited in production a deposit is not usually required.  If you would like to reserve a bear please telephone us on 01629 814811.  As the deposit guarantees you will receive your bear, it is unnecessary to order the same bear at multiple retailers, this avoids problems for all retailers concerned.

Q) What is a limited edition bear?

A) This is a bear for which a specified quantity will be made.  Each bear will usually have an individual number which can be found on a certificate, label or tag, eg no.170/350, for this example, the bear would be number 170 of only 350 ever made.  

Q) Do you offer layaway?

A) Layaway is at our discretion, depending on the quantity of that particular item in stock.  If we have plenty available, we can offer payment spread over 3 months.  An initial payment of £20 (or 10% of cost if over £200) is payable when the order is received.  The balance must be paid within 3 months of order date, if we do not receive full payment the deposit is forfeited.  We do not offer layaway on preordered items; you will be expected to pay the balance in full upon arrival.  Please see below for details of pre-payment plans.  If you would like to order an item on layaway please telephone us on 01629 814811.  

Q) Would I be able to begin paying for my preorders before they arrive?

A) We are happy to accept pre-payments.  Please telephone us for more details on 01629 814811.

Q) Will my item be insured when posting?

A) We always make sure that your item is adequately covered when posting, to avoid disappointment if your item is lost or damaged in the post.  Unlike other companies, we do not charge extra for this.

Q) My bear doesn't look exactly like it's catalogue picture, why is this?

A) There are several reasons why your bear might not look exactly likes it's picture.  Many of the bears we stock are hand-finished which, like humans, makes them all individual.  Similarly, some bears are made with random-patterned plush meaning no two bears would be alike.  Finally, not all monitors display colours the same way making it impossible to ensure everyone is seeing the photographs in the colours intended.