Code: 12467


H: 18cm (7.1")


Maude our new dumpling styled miniature bear cub has
been created using the finest schulte mohair in warm
relaxing shades of sandcastle browns. She has tiny glass eyes,
a hand embroidered nose and handstitched toe detailing. To
complete her look and add to her charm, a head bow and
teeny necklace have been added with a tiny scissor accessory.
This beautiful new series are now resident at Puddle’s Pamper
Parlour (our Beary Beauty spa based on porridge pot alley)
in the Gallery at the Bearhouse in the UK. Maude, Mavis
and Mildred our tiny new cubs have finished their cuddle
training now so are available to offer the bears oodles of spa
treatments, which include paw-dicures and claw extensions.
Maude is an adults collectors bear so recommended for
collectors aged 14 years and above. She is a numbered limited
edition of only 600 pieces worldwide.