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Designer's Choice Uli Little Elephant- 006586


Code: 11389

Dimensions:H: 14cm (5.5")

Designer´s Choice Uli little elephant
made of non-woven fabric 
surface washable 
limited edition of 500 pieces 
with gold-plated "Button in Ear" 
14 cm, item no. 006586
“Greetings! I’m Uli, the little elephant.” With a slightly bowed head, our little elephant implies a nod to the worthy admirers of his inventor, our company founder; Margarete Steiff created the little elephant in 1880. It all started back then with the little elephant. Originally intended as a pincushion, it laid the company foundation stone upon which Margarete Steiff built in the following years. The design of the new little elephant Uli with the typical wool felt saddle is classically traditional, although the material is very modern; it is made of fleece with colourful splashes and spots of paint. Each of the 500 little elephants is unique, as the arrangement of the colour splashes looks different every time.