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Code: 11620


H: 17cm (6.7")

Loyal, sincere, trusting and dependable is exactly how you
would describe these four little characters. Each one perfectly
formed and promising not to be too much of a handful
are a perfect companion for any bear lover. Their kind and
gentle expressions show how much they care and each has
comforting qualities and listening ears. These are four very
simple designs of two old bears and two old pandas we always
like to create a traditional range as we need to ensure we have
a bear for every collector out there. The collection has been
designed with familiar looks and feels, to evoke childhood
memories of your old bear. Chaperone is a combination of
dusty attic grey and cobweb white, with simple accessories
so that they don’t over crowd him. When asked to describe
himself in one word he said “dependable” as he is always
there on hand whenever you need him.

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Provided with own embroidered drawstring bag.

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