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Will Scarlet


Code: 12409


H: 28cm (11")

We simply could not have themed this years collection
Folklores and Fables without including Robin hood and
his band of merry men! Each character will be released
throughout the year so completing your set should be easier
for our collectors. Will Scarlet is the first to appear and has
been created using the finest Schulte mohair and alpaca in
country fox reds, misty whites and tree bark browns. Will
Scarlet has flat paw pads so can stand unaided and has
additional facial sculpture to emphasise his character. He
has deep set amber glass eyes and embroidered charcoal
nose with waxing and hand placed whiskers. His character
costume has been bespoke made in a selection of super soft
fabrics in morning mist greys and tree leaf greens. He has
also been given a sword accessory. Will Scarlet is an adult
collectors piece, so is recommended for collectors aged 14
years and above. He is a numbered limited edition of only
300 pieces worldwide and will arrive in a newly designed
folklores and fables presentation box. The whole set includes
in this first general release Robin Hood, Will Scarlet, Little
John and Friar Tuck.